Speaking Engagements

Ken Sakal, Founder and CEO of Vohesu is available for speaking engagements on the use of Voice Assistants (Amazon Alexa and Google Home) for business and brands. Topics range from industry overviews, business use case discussions, healthcare and patient engagement opportunities, and in depth development strategies and hands on workshops. Click on the “Contact Us” button above for more information.


Alexa, What's VOICE? - oct 2018 starter studio

The total number of Smart Speakers owners has reached over 50 million and the numbers continues to rise. More than one Google Home Smart Speaker product was sold every second between October and December in 2017. With that type of adoption expected again this year, 2019 should see large scale mainstream adoption of Smart Speaker and voice technology. Learn how your company, business or brand can Smart Speakers and voice technology to improve customer engagement.


VOICE First Health podcast - sept 2018

In this episode, Teri welcomes Kenneth Sakal, founder and CEO of Vohesu. Two years ago, Ken’s daughter asked for an Alexa device for Christmas and Ken’s fascination with voice first technology was born. As well, Ken is a 20-year cancer survivor and he believes that certain patients can really benefit from a virtual health assistant living in the home who is available to answer health-related questions on a daily basis.




VOICE Summit july 2018 - Patient voice

The healthcare industry is ripe for disruption. Healthcare industry innovators are using technology to bridge the distance between physicians and patients caused by the overly complex and costly third-party payer system that can keep them apart. Come hear how these thought leaders are using voice to engage patients remotely to maintain good health, manage chronic conditions at home, and ensure that patients are heard so they can be seen when needed.



Real-World Use Cases for Alexa in Healthcare

How is Alexa changing patient care and safety? How is it affecting the patient experience in and out of the hospital? How is Alexa impacting on healthcare processes?

This panel showcases the real-world experiences of thoughtleaders who are using Alexa in a clinical / medical setting. Hear first-hand how to leverage this technology in your facility.