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What is Vohesu?

Vohesu is a voice first digital transformation company focused on bringing our natural form of communication (voice) back into our daily interaction with technology. Through the development of Voice First applications on Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomePod, Vohesu can help your business or brand interact with your clients in a faster, easier and more fun way.

Your customers have a voice, let them use it!

At Vohesu we develop voice first solutions for healthcare, hospitality, brands and businesses. Our solutions include more than voice assistants, they are the intersection of hardware, Artificial Intelligence and (Voice) User experience.

Contact us to learn more on how voice, can be used in your business and what advantages it can bring.


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Ask My Pharmacy Assistant,

What are the side effects

of my medication?

Provide your patients with information about common questions

without picking up a phone to call, text or access the internet. 

The development of conversational Healthcare applications is emerging in sync with telemedicine.
— Savina van der Straten, Point Nine The Angel VC
43%of Smart Speaker owners would be interested in using skills from companies or brands they follow on social media
— The Smart Audio Report, NPR
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Ask My Sales Assistant

How many new sales

this week?

No more trying to remember where the executive

dashboard is, to get straight forward up to date

information all you need to do is ask.









We want to get organized around having voice as a core part of our marketing efforts and marketing campaigns. Voice is not only coming; it’s here!
— JPMorgan Chase CMO Kristin Lemkau
Apple’s AirPods, Google Home and Amazon’s Echo, are turning “voice first” interactions into ubiquitous experiences by eliminating the need to use your hands and eyes for browsing.
— Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Predictions for 2017 and Beyond

Ask My Hotel Assistant

What kid friendly activities

would you recommend?

Concierge services without picking up a phone

or running to the lobby





Why Voice?

The use of voice assistants is rising rapidly, with no signs of slowing. In 2016, Amazon sold seven million Alexa devices. In 2017, the number was 10 million finally,more than 56 million devices are expected to ship 2018 .

Why Now?

Voice solutions have crosses the chasm and are in the early majority phase of the technology adoption life cycle. This is evident by the competition that has started between Amazon, Google and Apple.




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