Amazon Alexa App for Windows 10

Amazon Alexa App for Windows 10

It's time to celebrate! Everyone with a Windows 10 compatible computer can now access Alexa!

The Amazon Alexa App is now available to download in the Microsoft App Store for free! Meaning everyone with a Windows 10 compatible PC can now interact with Alexa. Why is that significant?

Amazon Alexa Market Share

A September 2018 survey by of over 1,000 U.S. adults found that 57.8 million (adults) own at least one smart speaker. Therefore Amazon Alexa will be in 25% of the households in the U.S. before year-end.

While the numbers are impressive, they are tiny compared to the scale of Microsoft Windows market share across the world.

Six months ago, at its Build developer conference, Microsoft announced that just under 700 million devices now run Windows 10.

Applying some very rough math and applying some very generous number rounding, to make my math simple, the Windows 10 market is over 700 times larger than the existing smart speaker market.

Therefore, Alexa has the potential to reach a much larger audience, at absolutely no cost to the customer!

The Alexa App for Windows rollout, comes only a few months after Microsoft and Amazon launched an Alexa-Cortana public preview. The integration was very cumbersome because users had to say “Hey Cortana, open Alexa” to invoke Alexa on Windows 10 PCs.

Now, with the new Amazon Alexa App, Windows 10 users can interact with Alexa directly via the Alexa App and no longer have to go through Cortana.

Which brings up an interesting question.

What is the fate of Cortana?

Cortana’s share of the smart home device market continues to fall in the “Other” category with Bixby and others, at approximately 10% combined, behind Amazon at 65%, Google at 20% and Apple at 5%.

The current release of the Alexa App for Windows does not support Video, calls, Spotify, or Pandora. Also, Amazon hasn’t added PC specific controls to ask Alexa to access Windows features. However, Amazon said that early next year, it’ll be rolling out “additional capabilities” that allow users to interact with PCs.

Once these features are added will there even be a need for Cortana? Is this the beginning of the end for Cortana? Will she be relegated to a service that will serve up windows features to Amazon Alexa. Only time will tell.

Until then, all Windows 10 users, download the Alexa App for Windows 10 and enjoy the free new features available on your PC.