Voice Design Tools Part 2

Voice Design Tools Part 2

By now almost everyone in the voice community is aware that one of the most popular voice skill development tools Storyline will be dropping support for its Alexa Skill Development tool at the first of the year. According to Vasili Shynkarenka  CEO of Storyline, “You’ll be able to work on your existing skills till the New Year in the new Invocable dashboard. After the New Year, you will no longer have access to your old Storyline account.”

The new tool Invocable is geared toward Storyline’s more professional users. It was Storyline’s free tier that was most popular with users and with Invocable starting at $99 / month the move to a professional or paying audience is clear. Storyline created an “amazing community of 3,000+ truly supportive people,” however, it appears that the number of free subscribers was too large to sustain from a business perspective. While the Storyline announcement states “we’re announcing a new product (Invocable) — the first multi-modal design tool for voice,” the move sounds very similar to what SaySpring did with Adobe.

SaySpring was one of the very first Voice design prototyping tools and they were ultimately bought by Adobe for what appears to be similar reasons. Just last month Adobe announced the latest release of Adobe XD which includes “voice triggers and speech playback to interact with your prototypes.” This sounds very similar to the move by Storyline to Invocable.

Last month I wrote and article entitled “Amazon Echo Show, Google Home Hub and Facebook Portal” where I discussed the influx of voice enabled video devices available this holiday season. In the article I noted that “the lines are blurring between voice, video and TV. All of which will benefit us as consumers and improve our interaction with technology.” The moves by Storyline / Invocable and Adobe seem to support that statement.

However, if you are a voice app developer or creator, and have been working on Storyline, what options do you have. Fear not there are still plenty of options available and there are new players entering the market every day.

Below is a list (in alphabetic order) of just a few Alex Skill Development tools that have a free tier or low-cost option to allow you to continue your voice app development.


BUILD VOICE AND CHAT BOTS IN MINUTES Create Alexa Skills, Google Home Actions, Facebook Messenger Bots & Chatbots without Coding. https://conversation.one/


Build and Publish Alexa Skills In Minutes. Voice Apps makes it easy for anyone to build skills for Amazon Alexa devices (echo, dot, show, etc.) START NOW - IT'S FREE! https://voiceapps.com/


Build Alexa skills without coding. Prototype and publish Alexa skills quickly, and iterate efficiently with Voiceflow's intuitive drag-n-drop tool. https://www.getvoiceflow.com/

 Alexa Development Tutorials

For tutorials on how to use any of the following voice design tools, you can go to our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1U3rFtJybyIdRL9uDs0iBg for videos on each of the above tools.