Amazon Alexa in Healthcare

In case you have not heard, Voice Technology in the form of Amazon Alexa Skills, and Google Home Actions, are making major headway in Healthcare! Yes, that is right, you read that correctly, it was NOT a misprint.

Healthcare is one of the industry’s leading the charge of utilizing Voice Assistants, in their effort to improve patient outcomes!

Almost everyone has heard about Amazon Alexa and Google Home. We communicate with them through cool devices in the form of smart speakers, scattered across our home, in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and even in our cars. They turn on lights, play music, set reminders, help you create shopping lists and answer questions, all without having to pick up your smart phone or turn on your laptop.

What use do Smart Speakers have in Healthcare?

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, “Health care consumers … expect, to use digital technologies to control when, where, and how they receive care services. And with that, they are more open to using intelligent technologies, … a combination of human and machine, to power a new model of health care.”1

Amazon in Healthcare

Another reason is the Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan partnership to create a new healthcare delivery model. This partnership has caught the attention of established healthcare leaders across the nation including Daryl Tol, Senior Executive Vice President for Adventist Health System and President/CEO for Florida Hospital, who brought this partnership up in a recent CEO Talk on “Personalizing Healthcare in the Age of Disruption.”

Aging In Place

Finally, “Voice is uniquely positioned to be a valuable tool for seniors who wish to stay in their homes - especially for those who are unable to use other forms of technology that may require mobility, dexterity of the hands, and/or good vision (such as smartphones).”2 Says John Brownstein, Jennifer Lannon, and Sarah Lindenauerin of MobiHealth News.

These are only a few of the use cases for Voice in Healthcare, to learn more about how your organization can meet and exceed patient expectations through the delivery of voice enabled patient services, contact Vohesu at the link below.

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