Amazon Alexa Skills

To truly understand the voice market and voice skills, it helps to go back in time to the release of the first smart phone. The smart phone had certain features built into it, it could make calls, text, it included a compass etc. However, they could not do everything they could do today, because there were only a limited number of apps. Quite frankly some of the most popular apps in the App Store in 2008 were very basic. Some were actually laughable by today’s standards. For example, “PhoneSaber was the app you used to brag about your iPhone to friends. Any time you'd wave your phone, the app would produce the corresponding "vwommm" sound of a swinging lightsaber.”[1] Most people used the basic, pre-installed features or apps included with the iPhone. It took time before we all learned about useful apps and started to download then on a regular basis.

Amazon Alexa skills are quite simply, programs or applications (apps) that use voice as the primary interface rather than a smartphone screen or a graphical user interface.

Today Amazon Alaxa Skills and Google Home Actions are just like the initial apps released on the iPhone. The majority of people use the basic, pre-installed features of their voice assistants. Despite popular belief, Amazon Alexa and Google Home are NOT all knowing beings that answer any question you have. The ability to answer questions exist because skills, apps or programs are written that know or understand your request and have logic that interprets your question and provides and answer.

Amazon and Google have programmed basic functionality, but they have not programmed everything. Today people and companies create skills, to help make Alexa and Google smarter. But, some of these skills are just like the early apps, simplistic and sometimes laughable. For example, the Baby Groot skill. You can ask Groot any question and Groot will answer it. Pretty cool!? Yes, you guessed it, every answer is “I am Groot.”

Voice skills, just like the early apps in the app store, they still have to grow, they still have to become more sophisticated and they still have to solve some relevant business problem. Voice is not the ideal solution for all business problems, but it can be very advantageous in many scenarios. For example, Alexa skills excel in answering questions or providing content to users. This is because you don’t have to 1. find your iPhone or laptop, 2. type in search criteria, and 3. scroll through a list of search results before getting to the web page that contains the answer. Every company has content that their users want quick and easy access to, therefore every company can benefit from a voice application. It just needs to be focused on the right use case.

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